Friday, December 23, 2016

Jake / ChiTown

Chicago goes 4 days without fatal shooting | Chicago Sun-Times:

For the first time in 2016, the city of Chicago has gone four full days without a fatal shooting.
(It's a week before the end of the year, and this is the FIRST TIME in a year when nobody has been shot killed by firearms for four days in Chicago?

Which is a tribute to First Responders, and the incompetence of gang-bangers.
God knows they tried; it's just that they are shooting at each other at ranges over 2 feet.

The amazing thing is that Baltimore hasn't heralded a similar amazingly positive headline.

Well .. no.  It's still a Very Big Deal that ChiTown didn't murder anyone for ...  oh, wait a minute.
That's just Firearms Deaths.

They're still stabbing each other in That Toddling Town.

Sometimes I think they should take that Southern Border Wall proposal, and instead build a wall around Chicago.  Except that 99% of the People are the innocent victims.   That would be like locking the Gazelles in the same cage with the Hyenas.

Oh wait ... didn't they already do that in Chicago?


Anonymous said...

Our underground observer in the City With Big Shoulders reports that Chicago is still a safe,and fun, place to live.

Mark said...

Ah, the Christian Spirit...

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Snow and cold. They catch up come Springtime.

Anonymous said...

Chicago has instituted a new style of policing under Mayor Rahm.