Thursday, October 27, 2016

Feeling the Pulse of the Nation ... NOT!

Yesterday I noted that the fire of politicians' resentment was curiously missing from this year's Electoral Experience.   Nobody has said: "If Trump Wins, I'm Leaving The Country", or "If Hillary Wins, I'm Leaving The Country".

Forgive my smug assertion.   Apparently I wasn't paying attention.

There are about the same proportion of politicians (and celebrities who consider themselves gurus of politics ... aka Barba Streisand) who have dredged up the entire sore-loser mantra as if they had invented it!

By the way, doesn't anyone remember when Barbra chided the professional politicians because they weren't running the world the way she thought they should?  (In 2001, the Dems weren't hitting Bush hard enough;  in 2011, Republicans were on "the wrong side of history".)

Don't get me wrong, I love Barbra's music.  But she should only open her mouth to sing ... without an orchestra, she's alternatively a political embarrassment, or an idiot.   Sometimes, both.

Well, Barbra frequently embarrasses, but she never disappoints.    Except that, she continues to make those wild claims but has she left the country yet?  NOOOoooooooo!

(Okay, so she DOES disappoint ... but she's still consistent!)

For those who have made this "promise",
... *(many of whom I have never heard of; none of whom I would miss)* .......     here are a few tips.

My personal advice?   GO!   I would cheerfully donate five dollars to your travel fund!  *

If you're so shallow that you can't endure a president you don't like, we don't need you.   I don't like either candidate.  It's not the first time America has had an unpopular president.

We have endured Nixon, Carter, Clinton Senior, Obama, FDR.  We're still here,
We don't have to like it.  We can endure either Clinton Junior or Trump.

* uh ... that's five dollars CANADIAN, not American.
At the current exchange rate of 0.7470, that is only $3.59 American
Get use to it.


Anonymous said...

Just because there will not be a mass die-off if Hills is elected does not mean that she will not do repairable harm to our culture, way of life, and economy.

Anonymous said...

The drama and suspense of this election keeps building and building. It is like one of those old who dunit murder mystery movies. A new revelation every day almost.

Jerry The Geek said...

Honey, you haven't even BEGUN to appreciate this year's "October Surprise"~