Sunday, March 06, 2016

One Man's Feature Is Another Man's Bug

Another feature of any tracking device is that it can be tracked by someone other than the owner.

Clearwater company developing device to track stolen guns
A Clearwater business is developing a way to alert gun owners the moment their weapons are on the move and help them track them back down. TracFind is developing a small GPS device that can be attached to guns. The device, which combines GPS tracking technology with smartphone signals, can track in real time a stolen or lost weapon to within three feet.
An added feature notifies the gun owner immediately if the secured gun moves as much as an inch. Some gun owners dislike the gun locks and other devices that they believe may impede the use of the gun should the owner need it in a self-defense situation. This doesn’t do that, TracFind officials say, and that’s a big selling point.
(Note that this article is categorized as "Gun Control".)

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a better idea than smart guns.