Friday, January 09, 2015

The FRENCH: and Why I Ain't Been Talkin' to Y'all Lately

The world is full of bloggers.  Oh my yes, Lots and Lots of folks tabbing between Fox News and CNN just drooling over the Story De Jour.

Today?  French Marxists Muslims Islamic People who kill people for no reason related to their religion at ALL are killing people by the dozens in Paris

Parse THAT, Cambridge Scholars!

I don't want to talk about it.
But I will, anyways.

(OMG ... why would anyone want to kill French People????)  BUT WE CAN'T TALK about their religion because that would be disrespectful because these folks are killing people because their religion doesn't like it when people say mean things about their religion of murdering and beheading other folks but SHHHHHHH ... we can't say this because the First Amendment means nothing to these muslim french MURDERERS or they might come cut our fucking heads off!  Because it's the Religion Of peace.  I'm sure you understand.

And that would be bad, But not as bad as suggesting that the Religion of Peace encourages its practitioners to kill you for being a Constitutionalist.  But never mind, because there's no reason at all why the head-collection cannot be reaped with perfect equanimity in this, the most perfect of all possible worlds.  And nobody will say anything about it, because .... well, anybody who might complain wants their head on their neck, not on a pole in your French-speaking Islamic "EXTREMIST" front yard.

Not that the French Islamists are extremists.  Just a few of them.  From time to time.  I think it's like a "Take a Number; when your number is called, please move to the front of the line"* kind of thing.
*no, there's no link associated with the underline phrase

In the meantime,

I don't know about you.  But personally, I am very proud that the French have finally shown that they CAN defend their way of life, instead of relying on the British and American people to push the naughty Germans out of their country after they opened their doors and their legs to the Krauts during WWII ... "The War to End Wars to End Wars".

Of course, these 'defenders' were not BORN French ... like Chicken McNuggets, the French had to import testicles.

That's the problem with imports:  Like "Le Car", this is the tiny French Van That You Deserve.


Mark said...

Lets follow the french example! Kill the B@$t@rD$!

Anonymous said...

It is time the Geek packed his bags and took a couple of weeks for a cultural vacation in France. Eat, Drink, take in the Culture/Art and be merry.

Anonymous said...

A great admirer of all things French.

Anonymous said...

If the Geek had that kinds moolah laying around, Anon, he'd buy another Race Gun or two....


Anonymous said...

Someone take up a collection to sent the Geek to France.