Friday, November 06, 2015

'Smart guns' may not work fast enough for some, expert says. Michigan reports!

'Smart guns' may not work fast enough for some, expert says - WNEM TV 5:
(November 02, 2015)
 The Gun Store owner Bob Irwin said some police officers have holsters available to them with fingerprint technology, but many don’t use them because they can be unreliable. Irwin said the technology may not work fast enough in a life or death situation if the hand is sweaty, bloody or covered while using a glove. “There’s all sorts of things that technology doesn’t allow for in the chaos of self-defense,” Irwin said.
This is terrific news!

No .. not the news that "smart guns" are about as smart as "smart phones" (we already knew that, and it's a canard on the word "smart"), but that a Saginaw Michigan news channel has picked up a FOX5 newsfeed from Reno and are running the story on their website.

Must be a slow newsday in Michigan.

Oh.  Michigan. Right.  Never mind.   They love ANY story that doesn't come out of Detroit!

But Michigan is full of liberal democrats * who think that guns are so evil that they must be kept on a tight leash, if they must be kept at all. 
 (Preferably in a gun safe that has a time lock on it and you don't write down the combination to the safe so if you forget how to open it you probably just saved at least one child from Gun Violence.)

Anyway, anybody who knows anything about guns must be pleased that the "right-thinking left" may be (perhaps, somehow, a little bit)  becoming acclimated to the idea that ...

... if you keep a firearm for personal defense, smart-gun technology can get you killed!

* Michigan has been pretty much a Liberal bastion, but there are more Republicans in the state leadership during the current decade.  Still, they have a history of electing Democrats to the U.S. Senate, including the incumbents.


Anonymous said...

In other words, smart people don't put their trust in smart guns.
Just Call Me Anon

Jerry The Geek said...

In other words, nobody trusts untested technology which doesn't reliably add value to a very expensive add-on feature.

I spent 30 years in the Computer Technology business. I know better than to trust Release 1.0 with my employer's money.

I would not ever trust it with my life.