Monday, October 12, 2015

My son says: "Facebook Is The Devil". I believe it!

Facebook Disables Author's Account Because of Word 'Firearms':

He (Maddox) said that after you have three Facebook ads that are not approved “they close your account down, which means you can’t advertise at all.” Maddox said that when he tried to go through the appeal process to explain that he was not selling guns but a book that helped people get an FFL, Facebook responded that their decision was final and that it appeared Maddox is selling firearms because the word “firearms” can be drawn from FFL in the advertisement, and Facebook clicked through the ad to get to FFL123 website where the word “firearms” appears. Of course, it is hard to sell a guide to getting a Federal Firearms License without using the word “firearms.”  *

It's The Golden Rule:  They that have the Gold, get to make the rules!

(*H/T: Breitbart)

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Anonymous said...

In some cases the word firearms is looked upon as micro aggression by the sensitive. Also, it's to protect the children