Sunday, September 13, 2015

"IPSC Competition is safer than High School Football" - PROVEN!

Cops probe high school football players who blindsided ref | Fox News Video:

Sep. 09, 2015 - 4:17 - [Video]

I don't care for spectator sports.  If I can't play, I am not interested.
I do compete in IPSC/USPSA matches ... not well, but it has been my personal 'work-out' activity for over 30 years.

And I've been conducting Safety (and 'rules of competition') classes for the past years.  One of the reasons I volunteer my time to present this class is because I want my Sport Of Choice to continue that promise ... that IPSC is, and shall continue to be, safer than High School football.

Then this happened.

This headline might have been:

Young Men Convinced Of The Righteousness Of Their Actions Blindside a Hated Enemy:  
HOW Are They Different From The 911 Attackers?  Not in the Quality of their actions; only in Quantity and Degree of the effects of their actions.

I honestly don't believe that the young men who perpetrated this 'sneak attack' understand just how much they have betrayed the lessons which their elders have tried to teach them.

Football players are suppose to be aggressive .. which is one reason why it doesn't interest me.

But this ... THIS ... is quite beyond the pale (as our English friends would say it).

I'm not ready to blame the Coach, or the Referees, but I am prepared to blame the people who hit the ref.  (Two hit him, but another was READY to hit, and arrived 'too late'.  That may have saved his future, as he will perhaps not be tarred with this same brush..)

The latest reports indicate that the football official may (or may not) have "... used a racial slur before (and) after the incident".  [More VIDEO, and DISCUSSION]  (Doubtful; such folks are not usually allowed to supervise school sports .. at least, not for long.  But  W don't know.)

Apparently, team members other than those who were directly involved in the attack were witness to those 'racial slurs'.  Without further information, it's not only impossible but unfair to judge.

Except for this one thing: even if these allegations are true, then the "incident" has NOT acquired some kind of societal "justification";  it exacerbates the gravity of these young men.

1st Amendment: Is "Unpopular Speech" now justification for brutality?  Is this a Constitutional Question?
These young men boys have therefore demonstrated that if someone says something to you that you don't like, it justifies a brutal response.

Is that what we're teaching our children in America today?

We're 2 days (and some parts of 2 decades) past the 9/11 event in which people of a radical religion different sensitivity deliberately targeted innocents on our soil, because they think the things we say, the things our nation stands for, is 'wrong' to their way of thinking.  But instead of entering a dialogue, those 9/11 'boys' killed over 3000 innocent people.

Taking out a football ref in a Texas high-school football game does not begin to compare in quantity .of taking down the World Trade Center.. ... but it's not far apart in quality.
The hubris that you believe you are justified in your actions, because that person/group/nation/culture offends you is frightfully similar.

Have we become our own Great Satan?

Are the Fanatics right about us?  Or have we just proven that we are just as bad as they are?

PS: Somebody should talk to these boys, and explain to them just WHAT they did wrong, and more important ... WHY IT WAS WRONG!

And the poor referee who was the subject of this malicious, baseless, ill-founded and ill-conceived (and poorly executed, in the long run)?

The President ought to give him a medal, because he just represented his Nation under attack.

Of course, that won't happen.

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Anonymous said...

Why yes it is, particularly in collages and universities. They must have strict speech codes to avoid offensive and hurtful speech, or ideas contrary to the progressive and multicultural ideology.