Thursday, September 17, 2015

Exquisite Reaction of an Anonymous Commenter to GUN WATCH article

GUN WATCH: "Government Shutdown" Propaganda ineffective with Second Amendment Supporters:
(September 17, 2015)
Polls are often used to create public opinion, rather than to measure it.
 One extraordinary exception to the ability to use this sort of propaganda to forward the leftist agenda, has been the destruction of the Second Amendment.
 The Second Amendment is so clear that a significant percentage of the population rebelled against being told to ignore the plain wording of the Constitution and to believe what they were told to believe.  They ignored the admonitions that only the "experts" could know what the Constitution actually meant.
This is a significant writing, and deserves to be read.

But it might perhaps have been slightly overwhelmed in its intensity by a commenter, who (regretfully) identified himself as "ANONYMOUS".  I have a great deal of respect for ANONYMOUS, the most frequent contributor in the world, but sometimes I wish he/she would self-identify so that the rest of us could shake his/her hand ... as is the case here.

Just a short excerpt from this comment, you should go read the whole thing:

It took eleven years to write the constitution and the bill of rights. Every word was selected for it's exact meaning. there is no need to interpret any one word in the constitution it says exactly what was intended to be said. Shall Not Infringe is the strongest legal language that can be used without using profanity. If you do not understand Shall Not Infringe maybe this is more plain, You damn well better not fuck with our right to keep and bear arms. They were very religious gentlemen and preferred to use the strongest of legal terms. the word shall is a direct order. NOT is the primary form of Hell No. Infringe is an all encompassing word meaning anything and everything related to the keeping and the bearing of arms. There is no definition of what arms are in the constitution. by the second amendment the government has no authority to tax, license , register, limit or otherwise interfere with the individuals right to self protection in any way concerning the right to keep and bear arms of any type of configuration or its supplies for use and transport or it's place of keeping. A locked up gun is not ready for use and an empty gun is not ready for use. 

Oh.   Okay, I included MOST of it .. but left a few zingers for your own discovery.

I had a comment to add, but decided that anything I had to say would undermine the mastery of the commentary.  So .. no slight intended toward the author of the original article .. I deleted my comment.  I may write it later, under my own sigma.  Or not.

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Archer said...

I've always marveled at the spinelessness of Congress when it comes to "avoiding government shutdown".

Look, folks: a budget is just like any other piece of legislation. Congress passes it, the President signs it. All the Congressional hemming and hawing over whether to defund this or that is just that: hemming and hawing.

So what if you don't think the President will sign the bill, or will instead veto it. We don't elect Representatives or Senators with the expectation they'll only pass legislation of which the President approves. The House has the "power of the purse", not the Executive Branch. Defund or don't; just pass the damn bill, and if the President's veto causes a government shutdown, it's on him!

If that happens, then you pass another bill, still defunding whatever you think needs defunding, and if the President vetoes it again, it's still on him! Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

It's not a difficult concept, but I don't expect any GOP establishment types will figure it out.