Saturday, April 11, 2015

Oregon Gun Control Advocates RULE!

Oregon Background Check Bill Hearing Biased Against Pro-gun Speakers:
LocalPDX is reporting now that in a recent two-hour hearing on the new expanded background check bill (SB 941)was less than balanced. 

 The numbers were staggeringly against the bill, many taking time off work to show up.  With only about 20% of them allowed to testify, many times being cut off way before getting into anything that resembled actual arguments. On the flip side, 94% of those that showed up to testify in favor of SB 941 were allowed to testify.  Legislators were also discouraged from asking questions of the citizens that were there to testify.  In all, according to GoLocalPDX 68 people were turned away from speaking with their elected body on a bill that will ultimately directly impact their lives..
April 10, 2015

Oregon Senate Bill SB941



Relating to firearms; declaring an emergency.

Requires private person to complete transfer of firearm by appearing with transferee before gun dealer to request criminal background check or shipping or delivering firearm to gun dealer in certain circumstances.

(H/T: Guns Save Lives)

It's Deja Vu All Over Again,

Politicians only want to hear arguments which support the political positions toward which they are predisposed.  Have a complaint?  Step to the back of the line!

Nobody wants to hear what you have to say.  Go away. 

Measure activity  HOUSE  SENATE

  • Mar 26, 2015: Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.
  • Mar 26, 2015: Referred to Judiciary.
  • Apr 1, 2015: Public Hearing held.
  • Apr 2, 2015: Work Session held.
  • Apr 6, 2015: Work Session held.
  • Apr 9, 2015: Recommendation: Do pass with amendments. (Printed A-Eng.)

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised at you. If you want to win, don't let the opposition get a word in edgewise, or even get their opinions/message out. It's called playing political hardball.