Thursday, April 09, 2015

Am I as safe handling a pistols as I think I am?

I just read this article from Tim at, and it made me stop and think:

When do I actually put my finger on the trigger, when I draw at an IPSC match?

I think it's not until my sights come near to aligning on the target I'm engaging, but I don't really know.

I've been competing in IPSC for 30 years now, more or less, and I teach a monthly competition safety at my home range, so I may have become slightly complacent about my draw.   Now I think, maybe I haven't been DQ'd for a "premature discharge" at a match, but am I really that good?  Or am I just that lucky?

Reginald Maulding said:

There comes a time in every man's life when he must make way for an older man.
I'm wondering if there might come a time when I should make way for a younger man?

oh.  No.  Never mind.   To hell with younger men, let them make their OWN mistakes.  I'm going to rest on my laurels and just believe that I've already made enough mistakes, so I'm not going to make this one.

Stilll ......

I'm not sure how to do this, but I THINK I need to set up a range session with a camera and an observer, so I can  document to my own satisfaction exactly when I put my finger in the trigger guard.  I'm pretty sure the gun leaves the holster .. after all, IPSC requires a holster which covers the trigger.  And the first shot always hits the target.

So far. 

But once you give in to your internal self-doubts, you can just take competitive speed RIGHT out of the tool-box.  And even though I don't compete much any more (the eyes, they're not so sharp as they once were)   Therefore, I need to resolve the question to my own satisfaction.

And if I discover that I'm putting my finger on the trigger earlier than necessary?

Well, then I need to do some practicing to drill new habits into my lizard brain, in order that I don't embarass myself by bleeding all over the range.  

Any volunteers to act as a camera operator and observer?  Anyone?  No?

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure??? You can never be really certain about placement of that trigger finger until you get the ole video cam out and tape a bunch of videos of you drawing and engaging targets. Concentrate the video on the strong hand and trigger finger. Otherwise, you will always be wondering and have an element of doubt. It may even keep you up at night.