Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday in Oregon

Is it still Tuesday?

check the clock .. yeah, 11:35pm, I can still talk about "Today".

We have a saying in Oregon:  "If you don't like the weather .. just wait 5 minutes.  It'll change!"

I love Oregon.  Here it is, February 17, and at 3pm I was enjoying a smoke break on my patio and looking up at Venus in the Western sky.

I had to shade my eyes with my hand to make sure it was really a planet, because the sun was really bright.  I made a note to look up Venus to make sure it was really called the 'morning star'.

The thing is .. it's February .. one week before my birthday ... and I'm standing out here in shorts, sandals and t-shirt admiring a planet.  Enjoying a sunny day.

I've been watching the news about the blizzards and such in the Eastern states, and I admit to feeling just a little bit smug.

People here were out on their front porches, chatting with friends and neighbors.  Dogs were barking,, running around in their fenced yards.  Sparrows were chasing the bees.  It's spring!

Okay, I know it's still winter, but I was thinking about my friend, the Hobo Brasser, who is currently snow-birding in Texas with the lovely Spicey O'Shea (his wife, who always introduces The Brasser as her "First Husband" .. they've only been married about 600 years but she's keeping him in his proper place of respect. ( And Mark, I know you're reading this.)   They left to avoid the winter, but honestly .. winter was last year.  This year ... winter is still last year!

Here's a picture from February 11 of last year:

... you can see, we can't always tell what the weather in Oregon will be like, just by the date.

I lived a couple of years in the Bay Area (California), and I couldn't stand it.  The weather was always the same!  GREY!

Last year I was trying to keep my car from freezing up; this year I'm catching some rays and working on my tan.

I don't know why everybody doesn't live in Oregon, but I'm glad they don't.  I resent the folks from California who move up here after they retire:  We call this the "Californication" of Oregon.

I would have shown you some pictures of the beautiful, warm February day in Oregon THIS year, but then you would all be moving here.  My rent is too high already, so please stay where you are.  I'm sure you're all very nice people, but I can't afford you as neighbors.

Please stay away.  And envy me .. that's A Good Thing To Do on a Tuesday in Oregon.


Mark said...

We had a northern front come thru Monday afternoon. The temp dropped 30 degrees in 2 hours. It was warmer yesterday in Oregon then down here (high of 58 vs 52), but today it will be back back in the 70's later. Let's see, Golf...or shooting... or drinking margaritas in the sun...choices, choices.

Anonymous said...

You think global warming is a good thing????

Anonymous said...

I refer you to the lyrics of that great ballad by Iron Butterfly, "In The Gadda De Vida".

Jerry The Geek said...

That's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" ... but point taken.