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Judge Has Yet To Rule On CA’s “micro-stamping” Law | Gunalizer:

The Second Amendment Foundation, and Calguns Foundation, await a ruling from California Eastern District Judge Kimberly Mueller. On whether she will prevent the state of California, from its eventual ban, on all new pistol sales in the state. No new pistols meet the requirement, to non-existent “micro-stamping” technology, that’s required for them to be legal for sale. This case was originally filed in 2009.
GUNALIZER provides an update to this important test case about Microstamping.

I spent a large part of my blog hours in 2008 . (that link may not work *).. from February  through July ... in a dialogue with Todd Lizotte, the developer of the concept.  During the actual interview process, I raised a lot of doubts about the ability to modify the manufacturing process from the industrial standpoint, and the reliability of the 'microstamped' data to survive and be viable for investigators of crime.

The viability of the output was secondary; the main problem then, and now, is that manufacturers find it technically unsuitable .... and legally.  If  microstamping' does not work in the real world, the onus goes to the firearm manufacture, not to the 'developer'.

This issue goes beyond New Jersey's "SMART GUN" laws.  At least the Garden State tried to tie it into a commercially available product.   California has not bothered to obfuscate their attempt to ban guns in that state for a variety of 'safety issues', which are thinly vieled measures deliberately designed to drive suppliers out of the state.  The goal, of course, is to dry up the source of firearms to their citizens.

*See below for a summary of the dialogue, and some commentary.

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It has been said that where California goes, the rest of the nation soon follows. California is a trend setter.