Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Oh, Canada ..." How's that "Pretty tight gun control laws" thingie working for you?

Canadian Press Correspondent: Gun Control Discussion Imminent In Coming Days:
(October 22, 2014)
 As news about the attack on Canada's Parliament Hill continues to unfold, Canadian Press correspondent Lee-Anne Goodman says these kinds of things weren't suppose to happen in Ottawa where there are "pretty tight gun control laws" and suggested a talk on gun control is imminent in the coming days.
[emphasis added]
(H/T: New Jovian Thunderbolt: More Gun Control)

The funny thing about Gun Control is .. it only works to infringe upon the rights of legal, responsible citizens.  They just want to protect themselves, but since they're ... you know .. "Law Abiding"?

.. they give up their guns in accordance with the gun-control-laws-de monde?  Which doesn't do YOU much good, does it?  Think about it.

And HEY! American Senate ... you should be thinking about it, too.
(The Second Amendment isn't about "Hunting Rights"!)

The bad guys, now .. they don't  plan to abide the laws which make Parliament a "Gun Free Zone". They aren't very much concerned about "gun laws".

Y'all folks that make the laws?  You must have been pretty frigging shocked when some out-of-control dude decided to make his own laws, eh?

MAYBE, when you're considering your "Gun Control Discussion" in "coming days", you might consider that the only people who are affected are "the Good Guys".

MAYBE, somebody might remind you that the only people who abide by your laws are .. you know ... the people who want to defend themselves (and maybe defend YOU), and not The Bad Guys.

MAYBE 99.9% of your citizens don't want to shoot up their parliament, even though you have done your best to make them out to be "The Bad Guys".


I'm not saying that if Canada had less restrictive Gun Control laws, some brave, armed Canuck with a .45 who happened to pass you hallowed doors when the jerk-with-an-illegal-gun started popping caps on you ... might have taken it upon himself to save you.

What I AM saying is, when you make your entire nation a "Gun Free Zone", you're just asking for it
Again: American Senate ... are you listening?

(No, probably not)


Mark said...

The honor guard carries rifles and no ammo. Stoopid!

Anonymous said...

We don't trust our military with ammo either, and except for the firearms locked away in the armories, our military bases are GRZs. That way it is easier to identify the bad guys. They are the ones with guns.