Saturday, October 25, 2014

I've Been Phished .. again

I recently received a 'confirmation of subscription' email from an online website (never mind their content), but I did not subscribe to them.

The confirmation was sent to an email address which I do not connect to my blog, to business accounts, or to my family correspondence; this address is used for 'general' purposes, which includes USPSA/IPSC and related issues.

I can only assume that someone with whom I have recently corresponded in relation to 'non-personal' issues has used my public email account -- which is available on 'some' websites -- to enter this subscription (which includes assumption of a minor charge).

Of course, I immediately wrote to the business involved, using the same email address, to disavow the charges and the subscription.  It's too soon to determine whether the charges will be debited to me.  Although I can't imagine how they would connect my email address and my credit/debit accounts (which do not use the same identity),


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gore's information super highway can be a blessing, or a dangerous place.

Bear said...

Phishing, yes. But it was when you replied that you took the bait. Alleged "subscriptions" are probably the third most common email scam, behind 411 and [insert misspelled male aphrodisiac]. Unless they've shown they actually have one of your account numbers (by listing it as "**** **** **** 1234") replying only confirms that the email address they spammed is a live one, actively monitored by someone who will reply. You just raised your address's resale value to other spammers.

Bear said...

ADDED: If a crook really did get your linked email & debit/charge numbers (for instance, through one of the big company hacks in the news), they wouldn't warn you by email. The first you'd know is when weird charges started appearing on your statement.