Monday, March 24, 2014

Parasite: "I don't wancha here!"

Disturbing Behavior At Anti-Gun Rights Rally: Calls Other Side "Parasites" - Video:
(Saturday, March 22, 2014)
"Parasite" is what one organizer for CeaseFirePA called a gun owner who wanted a dialogue with the anti-gun organization.


Wow.  This is ... really disturbing.    It took a while to track it down, having gone through two news organizations and a Senior Blogger to reach the original source of the video, but it was worth the effort.

Apparently, a Second Amendment Advocate "infiltrated" an Anti-Gun Rally in Pennsylvania and tried to hand out single-sheet position statements to the people who attended the rally.  His mantra:  "Anybody want to hear the other side?"

He was followed around by a woman in a red coat who retrieved the papers from those who had accepted them:  one man, while giving up the document, said "Here, I don't want this".

The woman then threatened the 2-advocate, saying that 'the police know you are here'.

There was no obvious confrontation .. other than by the red-coated woman and the gaunt man at the end of the video who, when asked "why are you doing this"? replied:  "Because I don't wancha here!"

This confrontation had all the elements of an SEIU rally*:  people whose minds are already made up, and don't want to be confused by facts.  And rather than allow the establishment of a dialogue, simply want the 'trouble-maker' to go away.

One can only guess at the reasons why the Liberal mind-set is so adamantly opposed to the suggestion of  a peaceful dialogue.

I'm aware that Pro-Gun People have already made their minds up ...  it's not just a political stance, but it's also a matter of survival to them.

I suppose the Anti-Gun crowd has the same imperatives working for them.  I don't blame them for being fearful.  If I knew that I was absolutely unable to protect myself against random violence, I would feel similarly defensive.  Unfortunately, the only way they can defend themselves is to be verbally offensive against those people who had decided on an alternative "way".  That is, instead of defending themselves "physically" (which fat women in red coats have already rejected), they defend their rights rather than their persons.

The easiest ways to accomplish that dubious goal is two-fold.   First, they assert the logic of their position .. which is all they have.  And second, they reject ANY element which suggests that their defensiveness is inadequate.

And God help the man who throws his overalls in their chowder .. he will be rejected, dejected, and his Devil's Disciple contrarian tracts will be gathered (unread) and disposed of, forthwith.

 So The Woman in the Red Coat confiscates our Advocates' tracts .. unread, because all of her acolytes agree that anything their Opposition says is not only anathema, but might undermine their already made-up minds ... and banish them to the wilderness.

They don't want to hear what he has to say.  They are already fearful, and in their state of fear ... they are most comfortable.

Give a choice between being able to provide themselves with a PHYSICAL state of defense, and being defended by the correctness of their logical position, they will invariably choose on the side of retaining their moral high ground.  And they will fight to bring as many others into their way of thinking, to reinforce their lackadaisical way of life and to validate their opinions.  They will not listen to any evidence which undermines their predisposition.

There is nothing that anyone could say which might help them.   If they accept .. if they even make themselves open to HEARING another "side" .. then they lose their peace of mind.  They do not want to learn that they might have to physically help themselves.  They have found a political position which validates their imaginary Gun Free Zone.

And they would rather die than to move out of that comfort zone.

There is a technical term for these people:  they are called "Sheeple".

Actually, there is another term which applies to them.


* (Note: in researching this article, I found that most YOUTUBE videos which matched "SEIU Rally" and "violence" had been deleted.  Except for this  ... oops, this Hot Air video is also deleted.  Try this, for an example.)


Anonymous said...

The SEIU are a work of art. I was at a town hall meeting in which they had come out in force. It was obvious that Tea Party types would not be welcome. Talk about Hitler's Brown shirts.

Mark said...

Hands over la la la......

Anonymous said...

What Mark said: works every time.

Anonymous said...

They just don't like opposition.

Darren Wolfe said...
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Darren Wolfe said...

Thanks for posting the links to my adventure with the red coat. read more at my blog