Monday, March 31, 2014

NSF: "Climate Change; The Musical"

National Science Foundation funded climate change musical to tune of $700,000 | Fox News:

Your Tax Dollars At Work!

The National Science Foundation has spent nearly $700,000 on a climate change-themed theatrical production, leaving some in Congress questioning if the organization's grant funds could be put to better use.
Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, questioned White House science czar John Holdren in a hearing last Thursday about the way the NSF is using taxpayer money -- including on the grants for the play, a New York production called "The Great Immensity."
“I support basic research, which can lead to discoveries that change our world, expand our horizons and save lives,” Smith, chairman of the House Science Committee, told “But NSF has funded too many questionable research grants.
 Spending taxpayer dollars to fund a climate change musical called ‘The Great Immensity’ sounds more like a waste of taxpayer dollars -- money that could have funded higher priority research.
(emphasis added)

Yes, the article is describing exactly the boondoggle it sounds like.  A stage show which is intended to .. not research, but to glamorize the theories behind the research.   It's an actual stage play, produced to champion the cause of Awareness of Global Warming, and financed by Your Tax Dollars.

This kind of project might marginally be 'understandable' (if not  'acceptable') if it was endowed by NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) ... we already know that is a wildcat experiment designed to pay lunatics to pee into a mason jar and call it "Art".   But no, this is ... Science!

A stage play is ... science?

Performance Art?

Here's the kind of performance which this project is funding:

SOL ...  A Climate Change Musical!
Spreading the message through music and theatre. [sic]
We need to come off the carbon, but we can't.  We're locked into a cycle of production and consumption that just seems too set in it's ways to change direction.
It's not for want of information or know-how.  It's rather our self-belief and the will to act for our collective  future which needs to be re-kindled.  We need to become emotionally engaged with new stories about ourselves and our planet if we're going to have any joy in adapting our behaviours to the new situation we find ourselves in.
and ...

A song of our warming planet -- understanding Climate Change through music
When faced with the challenge of sharing the latest climate change discoveries, scientists often rely on data graphics and technical illustrations. University of Minnesota undergrad Daniel Crawford came up with a completely different approach. He’s using his cello to communicate the latest climate science through music.
Well, isn't THAT special?

Woody Allen (who probably did NOT deliberately contribute to this tree-hugging liberal bullshit) once said:  "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying."

Can't argue with that.

Here's MY take on Climate Change: The Musical:

"I don't want to save the earth by paying for Liberal Tree-Hugger bullshit programs; I just want to die before the bill hits my mailbox!"

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Anonymous said...

It makes me proud to be an American taxpayer, to see my tax $$ being spent on such a worthy project.