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NRA Mag Replaces Maxim in Magazine Top 25

NRA Mag Replaces Maxim in Magazine Top 25:
(January, 2014)
According to Ad Age, Maxim's paid circulation fell from 2.5 million to 2 million last year. At the same time. American Rifleman's readership jumped from 1.7 million to 2.2. This puts American Rifleman among the top 25 magazines in circulation. American Rifleman's increased circulation is also indicative of the NRA's growing popularity among Americans. The NRA's Andrew Arulanandam explained: "Last year we had a 25 percent growth in membership. People who sign up for membership get their choice of one of three official journals for the NRA. American Rifleman is one of the most popular journals that we have." It is telling to note that, while gun control proponents continue to claim Americans want more gun control in 2014, rank-and-file Americans are walking past a magazine like Maxim in order to pick up a magazine that covers bolt-action rifles, AR-15s, and shotguns.

This makes sense.

People today reflect the same attitude when Obama took office after the 2008 elections.  Nobody knew where he stood on any issues (he is that good in his rhetoric that we don't know what he's saying, but DAMN he sounded good at the time!) so they voted for him anyway.


Even after they knew better.

And both times, people started buying guns, and going to Basic Handgun classes,  and trying desperately to learn how to shoot them.


First, because they (both times!) were suddenly concerned that their Second Amendment rights would be overturned by Government Fiat, regardless of his solemn promise that "we are not going to take your guns away".

um ... "if you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor".  The jury is still out.  On everything.

So, we have a president who proudly declares "I have a pen, and I have a phone" and apparently that's all he needs to rule.

In the meantime ..digression to a personal story.

In the 1980's I volunteered to tutor an "English as a Second Language" course, as a Teacher's Assistant.  In truth, the teacher was overwhelmed so she halved the class and gave me the second (more 'elementary') class.  I met a young Vietnamese man who probably taught me more about Communism than I taught him about English.

His lesson:  "Pay no attention to what the Communists say; but pay close attention to what they DO!"

I have been applying his warning to my political evaluations since then, and I find the mantra to be entirely applicable more frequently than I find comfortable.

Seems as if I'm not the only one who thinks we should own a gun. 

Washington, DC has begun a firearms registration process which may lead to confiscation ... and even so, they can't keep up with the demand!

The District’s law is the first in the nation to require all firearm registrations to be renewed on a regular basis. A law passed in New York in 2013 requires permits for pistols and assault weapons to be recertified (sic) every five years, though the process only asks for personal information such as the owner’s address and type of weapons owned. Lawmakers intend that information to be used to conduct background checks to determine if a gun owner has become ineligible to own a firearm.
In the District, firearm registration renewal will cost gun owners $48 regardless of the number of guns they own, according to police. The reregistration is completed when the gun owner is fingerprinted, pays the renewal fee, passes a criminal-background check and submits a renewal form that confirms the owner’s home address, the serial number and type of gun owned, and answers a series of questions about their fitness to own a gun.
Any gun owner who does not renew their registration within the designated time frame will have their gun registration canceled, making possession of the firearm illegal.
Possession of an unregistered firearm is a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine or 1 year in jail.

Even so .. DC residents are dancing to the tune.

Washington, DC and Chicago, Illinois are the two most recalcitrant municipals  to (oh so reluctantly) accede to the Supreme Court's ruling that the Constitutional Amendment "Right to Keep And Bear Arms" must be respected.  But it's not necessarily any foot-dragging on the part of the cities to "do the right thing";  there are just so many people who want to finally exercise their constitutional rights to firearms ownership, and only a few policemen who are available to perform the administratrivia necessary to perform the steps required by Local Law.

What if ... what if the Federal Government stepped in and made it as difficult to obey the 2nd Amendment on a National basis?

This is exactly the question which haunts citizens across the country.

And this is exactly the reason why the National Rifle Associations 'rag' is becoming so popular.

WE have only just begun, on a National basis, to understand that our rights are universal and that our government is required to recognize those rights.

But President Obama is almost universally recognized as a Political Wild Card .. we don't know what way he will jump next week.

So, as we did in 2008, and in 2012 .. in 2014 we are frantically doing all we can to ensure that at least we have the physical presence of a firearm for defense of our home, our lives, and our Liberties.

That's what the Founding Fathers had in mine in the 18th Century, and where Our President accepts it or not .. that's what we have in mind today.

The Liberal newspapers in Washington, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle et all be damned!  We know what we want, and it is NOT to feel helpless in our own homes.

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