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WH confident on winning Hill support on Syria but uses 'flood the zone' to get votes | Fox News

WH confident on winning Hill support on Syria but uses 'flood the zone' to get votes | Fox News:
Published September 01, 2013 

The Obama administration, bolstered by evidence the Syrian government used lethal sarin gas on its own people, expressed confidence Sunday that Congress would back President Obama’s decision for a military strike on the Middle East country.

However, the president and his inner circle worked furiously over the weekend to win congressional support, appearing on Sunday shows, holding classified briefings and making calls to Capitol Hill leaders. 

A senior administration officials told Fox News that the president, Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made phone calls on Sunday to senators and House members urging them to vote in favor of the authorization of military force in Syria. 

The official called the lobbying effort a "flood the zone" strategy, in an apparent acknowledgement of just how hard winning Capitol Hill approval will be. 

The effort was preceded by Secretary of State John Kerry blanketing the Sunday shows and administration official proceeding with a round of weekend briefings, as Capitol Hill lawmakers said Obama may not have the votes right now.
 Am I the only one who is amazed .. astounded .. that John Kerry is 'behind' the current (democratic) president's drive to attack a middle-eastern country for gassing citizens?

I'm reminded of the Iran situation several years ago, when then-president Bush (a Republican) proposed attacking Iran for the exact same thing.  Kerry, the well-known anti-war activist ("I was for it, before I was against it") and notorious war criminal (see his testimony on VietNam War activism) notoriously confronted the President because "there was no evidence" of gas attacks .. even though there was.


"Hey, no problem Brother."

Personally, I was uncomfortable when President Bush sent troops to Iraq.  Democrats, however, used the word "quagmire" until it became The New Black.  That send me back into support for The War on Terrorism; their bad!


Am I the only one who is getting tired of USA investing American troops into regime change efforts?

Where's the United Nations?   And where's Israel?  It's their neighborhood.  Aren't we paying them enough money to support their military?

If the president is Dithering, and the Secretary of State is contradicting his historical opposition to Regime Change ... WTF are these people doing?  Really?


DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syria on Sunday derided President Barack Obama's decision to hold off on punitive military strikes, but also took precautions by reportedly moving some troops and military equipment to civilian areas.

The Obama administration countered that its case for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad is getting stronger, saying it now has evidence that the toxic gas allegedly used in strikes on rebel-held areas was the nerve agent sarin.
The administration predicted Sunday it will obtain congressional backing for limited strikes. After days of edging closer to military action against Syria, Obama suddenly announced Saturday he would first seek approval from Congress, which gets back from summer break Sept. 9.

Our Dear Leader doesn't know what he's going to do next.  Is it any wonder that Syria is not intimidated?  I'm not enchanted with the idea that American Troops may attack a country which has NOT attacked us ... but when a President announces a "red line" which must not be crossed, and then waffles on his promises of aggressive attacks .. isn't this the definition of a Paper Tiger?

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