Tuesday, September 03, 2013

No, you can't

President Obama wants to bomb Syria back to the stone age.  He's having a LITTLE bit of trouble selling this to congress.

Why shouldn't he?

President Clinton responded to the bombing of a navy ship, sending a Tomahawk Missile to destroy either an aspirin factory, or a single camel.  Hmmmmm ... either way he ended up looking ineffective.

Tomahawks are very effective reducing, for example, Bagdad to rubble, but it didn't look all that good on Television.

President Al Gore was against Bush's actions, and .. oh, wait.  He never got to be President.  Now he's giving talks about Global Warming.  Well, God knows it's hot here in Geekistan today; 80 degrees, which is entirely unseasonable.

Oh, wait; it's entirely seasonable.

Well, President Kerry is against the Military. 

Oh, wait; he isn't.  He's Secretary of State, and ... hmm he's still against the Military.

Well, the Military has never done a bit of good for the American People.

Except, perhaps, during World War II, but that's a minor point.  But perhaps that's why he wants the United States of America to bomb Syria, because they sent "Freedom Fighters" to bomb New York.

Oh, wait; they didn't.  Those people were Saudi's, and our allies.  We don't want to bomb them.

But when Saudie citizens destroyed the Twin Towers of New York, they were wrong!  Are we agreed on that?

Bombing Syria is an entirely different thing, isn't it?

I'm just wondering, how is that different? 

Perhaps because bombing New York was an effort by "Private Enterprise" (aka: Al Queda), and bombing Syria is an effort by a Government.  We are a nation of Laws, and our laws tell us that we cannot bomb another country without a declaration of war.

So, we're going to war because a middle-Eastern country poisons it's own people?

That's what Saddam Husein did, and President Gore/Kerry/Obama were entirely against that process.

I'm really quite confused about the mechanism by which a sitting president can convince Congress to allow American troops to bomb another country.  Especially since President Obama, President Gore, and President Kerry were so adamantly against the American invasion of Iraq.

Is it not so much the actions, but the political party that makes the decision, that makes the difference?

Thank GOD we're being ruled by the Democratic Party, led by a political hack who has never had any experience in making a living other than being a "Community Organizer" and being a first-term U.S. Senator!

I'm so glad that Our President Obama holds his high office because he represented Chicago .. home of Drive By Shootings!

Oh.  Drive By Shooting?  Okay, That makes it all clear to me now.

Please, do as you will Mister President.  I have full faith in your judgement.

I'm so glad that you were elected on the basis of your offer of HOPE, and CHANGE!


Anonymous said...

Don't let him do it. Make him stop.

Anonymous said...

By hook or crock our POTUS will get his way. He will not be denied.