Saturday, June 15, 2013

They have an app for WHAT?

Durex creates vibrating underwear you can control via smartphone apps | VentureBeat:
Set aside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s offer to reinvent the condom; Durex is conducting its own research and development — for underwear. 
The condom manufacturer unveiled its new “Fundawear” product yesterday, which is basically a set of undergarments (bras, panties, briefs, and such) that will vibrate whenever your partner decides you need some sexual attention. 
Oh, and you can control it from your smartphone — this sort of brings new meaning to the definition of “phone sex.” According to the demo video, the vibration sensors are supposed to mimic real human touch. You use the smartphone app to specify the portions of your partners body you’d like to stimulate, which are represented through circles on those body parts. When you touch those circles, it activates the underwear’s vibration sensors.

That does it: I'm turning in my new smartphone next week!

In the meantime, my phone number is ......

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Anonymous said...

It makes the great cost of a smart phone worth it.