Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm an Idiot!!

It probably comes as no surprise to most of us, to hear that I'm an Idiot.  but perhaps the fact that I acknowledge my idiocy is a new twist.

The fact is, I managed to not only break my gun, but in the same month I broke my computer.

Now I am faced with a new, and very special computer.  One in which not only is the keyboard "different" (I can see the letters on the keys .. I have been touch-typing for years now and the letters confuse me!), but also a computer whose entire operating system sucksl

Windows 8!
Explorer 10!

Somewhere out there is a person who wishes me only the WORST in life.  If so .. rest easy, my not-so-friend;  

I am in Hell!

AS a recent emigrate' from XP, not only do I not know how to explore EXPLORER, but I don't even know how to fire up FIREFOX!

The only way I know how to even start either browser is from a shoot-and-spray technique I learned from observing new shooters in my INTRO class: ...
"just .. point it down range and pull the trigger.  You're sure to hit something, even if it's only the berm!".

Well, it works for me, even though it's not very efficient so far.

Email will be curtailed for a while.  Comments to The Blog?  Who kjows?  I can't even read them tonight.

When my computer died, I knew it was going to get ugly.  I just had no idea how 'ugly" that "UGLY' might be!

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Anonymous said...

Be of good cheer. They still make Windows 7. I just installed it on my new puter. I did it cause Windows 8 sucks like a bent straw.