Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Obama gun ban list leaked

Report: Obama gun ban list leaked - Virginia Beach Conservative |

On Monday, Alan Korwin, 2nd Amendment activist and author of Gun Laws of America, published a preliminary list of firearms and firearms accessories to be included in the yet-to-be announced, but much anticipated new version of the so-called Assault Weapons Ban.

The chief sponsor of the last ban, Sen. Diane Feinstein is said to be crafting new legislation now, which, if passed, President Obama would undoubtedly sign.
(The list is published as part of the original Virginia Beach Conservative article ... see the link at the beginning of this post.   Korwin's "Gun Laws of America" is available from Amazon here. )

In the immortal words of William Bendix, in "The Life Of Riley" television show in the 1960's:
"What a revoltin' development this is!"

This is not entirely a surprise, of course, to those of us who never expected anything less from this administration.

Oh the other hand, the word is that (in at least early versions), is that there will be no "Grandfather Clause".  It won't be "you can't buy these guns", but "you can't OWN these guns". Or magazine, ammunition, accessories  .. whatever.

For IPSC competitors, for example, it might be "no compensators".  Never mine magazine capacity over 10 rounds.   Any gun that can take a compensator might be modified to take a 'silencer'.

Compensation for confiscated firearms?  We can hope for the best, but expect the worst.  As Canada has already demonstrated, it's a multi-BILLION dollar proposition to compensate owners for confiscated firearms.   It would be "in the best interest of the American economy" to refuse compensation for confiscated guns.  (Not that this administration has demonstrated much respect for National Indebtedness .. witness the Health Care Bill ... but if this is accomplished by fiat there is no reason why the the general American Public wouldn't consider this sort of draconian measure to be "more acceptable" if they were sure it wouldn't cost them anything.)

Don't worry any more about The Gun Show Loophole; no "private-to-private" transfers; that's on the block.  No 'giving' guns to your children.

I hope that I'm being unnecessarily phobic here, but the sad fact is that Business in America  (I'm not talking about "Big Business"; the small businesses have been threatened even more by an erratic Federal leadership) has learned that we cannot rely on a reasonable, consistent administration of Federal regulations. Not for the next four years, at least.   I was never all that fond of Mitt Romney, but at least if he had been elected we wouldn't have been forced to cope with an out-of-control, Lame Duck President.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  I sure don't  It's a sad commentary when we no longer distrust our government.  Today, too many Americans fear our government.

Oh, you think maybe I AM being too negative?  Take a look at this video!   The liberals .. and I'm talking about Members of Congress ... are gloating over the prospect of imposing "REASONABLE Gun Controls"!  

And they're not at all worried about .. or listening to ... any introduction of a contradictory point of view.

Still not convinced that the Gun Grabbers are determined to take these recent tragedies and run with them?

Even on Conservative news panels, there is emphatic, sincere, emotional controversy:
It's a joy to me, to watch calm, measured discussion on a topic which has such a powerful effect on our nation. Fortunately, we have George Will .. to whom nobody actually listens. It's sad, when one quiet man can calmly observe that (regardless of the good will of the common man): "Things like this are going to happen."

Not that I believe he will influence anyone who doesn't already believe as he does.

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Anonymous said...

Our supreme leader has shown that one way or another, he will achieve his goals. Any congress that will pass Obamacare, will pass a Finestien gun bill.