Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Clean Gun is a Happy Gun .. not!

I was cheerfully shooting the "El Presidente" stage as a demonstrator on today's (okay, yesterday's) "Introduction to USPSA" class, when my 2011 STI Edge in 10mm ... just didn't feel right.

I did the "Tap Rack Bang" and charged on.  A couple of shots later, it failed to go into battery, so I had to perform the same remedial exercise again.

Now, I've been shooting this pistol with NO maintenance for the past year, in classes and in matches.  It probably has 1,000 rounds fired from it (based on my orders from vendors, where I bought new reloading components), and it has performed flawlessly.  But I cleaned the gun, and  oiled it (using medium weight oil appropriate to the weather) last night, and today ... well!

I'm not sure whether to claim that "The Gun Let Me Down",  or "The Sweet Old Girl Just Isn't Accustomed To Shooting 'Clean'", bu the one thing I DO know is that I was surprised at the failure of the slide to go into battery during a speed-shoot stage.

Or, it may be to a kind of "Psychic Shock" (if such is possible with an inanimate object like a pistol).

Well, that, and I'm not willing to consider that it might have been something that (_I_) might have done.

... other than cleaning the gun, of course.

Never mind ... that's the last time I'll clean THIS gun until this winter, when I have to change to a lighter oil.

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