Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Too Much Information

Today was suppose to be the day I loaded 10mm in preparation to a match at Dundee.

Unfortunately, I got hit by the Stomach Flu this morning. I know that's not much of an excuse, but I'm out of Large Primers. I don't dare get that far away from the house to go buy any.

The reason why the match was so important to me is that I was hoping to catch up with my old friend "Randomly Hitten' Witten". Randy and Sandie and I use to squad together a lot, but he gave up USPSA for shotgunning and other shooting sports so we haven't seen much of him lately. We enjoyed visiting with him and Donna when The Usual Suspects gathered at their house once or twice a year for barbeque and BS. We haven't done that since the birth of my second grandchild .... I now have seven of them.

Catch up is important though. I may just go up with the ammo that I have, shoot until I run dry, then stand around and take pictures the rest of the day.

Oh ... that's always assuming I'm not still sticking close to The Big Telephone by Saturday.

I know, nothing anybody wanted to hear.

Still, I was hoping I could find the photo of Randomly Hitten' when he completely destroyed a disappearing target by splitting it ... edge on, several time. It was his proudest moment.

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