Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook Is The Devil?

Last week I exchanged some emails with my Favorite Daughter-In-Law (FDAL).

Fully disclosure; I have only one DAL, but I'm certain that "A" would be my favorite if I had more than one son. The lady is a keeper.

My Son, "B", is in the Navy. He's a "Master at Arms" (kind of like an "MP", only full time), and for the last couple of weeks he has been taking Sniper training out-of-state.

Last week she sent me some pictures of her children ... she has five ... and I was teasing her about not sending me more photographs, more often. They live over 1,000 miles away, so it's difficult for me to see any of them more than once a year.

She informed me that she posts photos regularly on her FaceBook account, and in the process gently suggested that if I would only open a FaceBook account, I could see more pictures and she wouldn't have to double post them to a photo-gallery account as well.

In the process, she mentioned that my son is convinced that "Facebook Is The Devil".

I'm always had a good opinion of my son's judgement.

And of course, I responded immediately with a terse, but meaningful, four-word reply:

FaceBook Is The Devil!

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