Friday, February 10, 2012


Curiously, the vendor who provides the comments software seems to have lost track of who I am. Some regular readers have mentioned that they cannot add comments without providing a code. I have no idea what that's all about.

Also, when I post a reply, I'm listed as "Guest" instead of being identified as my manly broadchested and charming raconteur host-self.

There are few conditions so likely to render an author humble as being unrecognized by his own website. Shucks, if I wanted to be humbled, I'd go out and shoot a match with the Mighty 10mm.

So ... I'll do that this weekend. I just loaded 100 rounds of 10mm, only took me a couple of hours on the RELIABLE 20-year old Lee Turret Press. (No, I still haven't got the Dillon XL 650 working right ... it will NOT index so I can prime the cases!)

I actually bought another 1,000 rounds of Starline brass from Dillon this week, at a final cost (including shipping) of 17.3 cents per round. As The Hobo Brasser so kindly pointed out in a earlier comment, The Mighty Ten throws brass into the next county, so it's not the most economic competetitive option available. But the pistols shoots better than I do, and if nothing else I may serve as a good example to poor shooting skills ... as usual.

(I would shoot .38 super in Open, but the dot sights don't work without a 'good' 2L76 battery, and those I've bought on the overseas market won't work. I don't know if they're too short to maintain a good contact, or they're just undercharged when I get them, but the dot keeps going out on me during a stage. It's a great alibi for poor shooting, but it's frustrating. And no, they are NOT available locally any more ... don't ask me why.)

I have to admit, I've missed shooting; but I also miss reliable equipment. What I do NOT miss is the slow, laborious process of reloading on what is, essentially, a single-stage press; great for rifle rounds, but not so kewl when I would prefer to shoot three matches a month at an average rate of 150+ rounds per month.

And yes, I could always send my XL650 back to Dillon to be rebuilt. I've done that twice in the past three years, though, and it comes back working perfectly, until I drop a piece of brass onto the baseplate. Somehow, that seems to slow down the rotational speed of the baseplate JUST enough that it doesn not properly index, and it takes the better part of a minute to manually rotate the baseplate so it lines up with the primer feed mechanism.

But I digress; here I am ranting about my inability to operate machinery, when I started out ranting about my inability to reliably manage comments here.

BTW, I've received some very kind comments from several folks with whom I sometimes squad in competition, and I hope you know how much I appreciate your encouragement.

I owe you all a big hug. Well, Elinor, I owe you a hug. I'm not so sure about Abbie-Normal and The Hobo Brasser.

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