Saturday, April 16, 2011

STI under "New Ownership"

As announced at the 2011 SHOT Show ....
Dave Skinner has retired as CEO and President of STI. The company is now "Employee Owned".

New CEO/President Tim Dillon says he is going to move the company away from the "Competition" market toward the "Self Defense" market.

This would certainly support STI's International "Police and Military" market, and I'm just hoping that the support for Competition pistols will not be undermined by STI's New Vision.

See the video for more details.

On the Brian Enos Forum
Letter from Tim Dillon on STI Website
You can also (as of March 29, 2011) see the Video on the STI Website

Finally, Dave Skinners December 2010 "Skinnergram" also announces (among other items) Tim Dillon's new assumption of leadership .... the Skinnergrams are directed to their dealerships, but are also an excellent (early) source of information about new programs and directions for STI.

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