Thursday, October 28, 2010

American Groupspeak

American Groupspeak - Victor Davis Hanson - Townhall Conservative:

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson has nailed it: You can talk about anything you want in public, but if you don't couch it in "politically correct" context you'll be accused of being mean, hurtful, cruel, racist ... in short, a Conservative!

So maybe it's better to just keep your mouth SHUT!?
"Here are some reminders about what to shut up about.

Don't discuss the deficit. Instead, call borrowing 'stimulus.' Trillions are not much different from billions. Debt can be paid back with more borrowing and someone else's higher taxes. Ignore the lessons of Greece and California. To appear noble, call for more unemployment benefits, free medical care and more entitlements. To sound cruel, talk about borrowing to pay for them."

Oh, and don't forget to read the comments. Especially run the 4:51 minute "Runaway Slave" trailer.

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