Saturday, May 01, 2010

Open Carry -- good thing or bad thing?

BTW, as I am devoting much of tonight's posts to Gun Bloggers I Read And Admire, note that Michael Bane has an excellent article regarding "Open Carry" vs "Concealed Carry" (regardless of the "Concealed Carry" tag on this post).

In his view, there is definately a valid reason for Open Carry.

The difference is that "Concealed Carry", which is approved by 90% of states in America, is a relatively new phenomena, and is usually legislated so that practitioners must apply for a permit.

"Open Carry", in contrast, has often been permissible in most states for several years.

The thing is, you can carry a pistol in a holster and it is ... and has been ... legal, without need for a special permit. Not so with "Concealed carry", which usually requires an application for a permit and commonly requires, in most states, that the practitioner meet some standard of training and certification.

Which is better? Why? And why should an individual choose one mode of carrying a firearm in public rather than the other?

I'm afraid this is one question which you must answer for yourself.

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