Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bloomberg & Columbine

Bloomberg's gun control group airs ad with Columbine footage urging background checks for gun sales
New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is at it again.

His political gang "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" is running adds using surveillance video from Columine in several Eastern States to continue his anti-second amendment campaign against private firearms ownership.

This time he has taken the gloves of. The use of Columbine videos milks the tragedy of child deaths for his own private political agenda, and should be universally castigated.

His point, as nearly as an honest man can decipher the bullsh*t, is:

That probably won't happen, though. Bloomberg has an in-house coterie of anti-second amendment politicians which support his un-ethical attempts to condemn citizens of other states for legal firearms transactions.

Legal, even though his private agents make every attempt to coax them into selling firearms under illegal ... dubious ... even merely questionable circumstances.

In 2007, Bloomberg agents invaded Georgia in an 'operation' which is described as "going too far" by even the New York Times.

... in this town of 48,000 where Julia Roberts was born, the fight has become deeply personal. Jay Wallace, who owns Adventure Outdoors, one of the major gun distributors in the area and a defendant in one of the city’s lawsuits, is countersuing Mr. Bloomberg, alleging fraud, slander and libel. A well-known resident who has operated the business here for 31 years, Mr. Wallace has drummed up support with an online fund-raising campaign, a summertime rally that drew hundreds, and celebrity representation by a lawyer who is a former congressman, Bob Barr.
Guns Magazine, in a June, 2007 article, said "Bloomberg Stings Stink".
Last week, lawyers representing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his lawsuit against out-of-state firearms dealers revealed the city had conducted additional "sting" operations against firearms retailers within New York state and the city. The city refused to produce the tapes of these latest stings, telling the court the dealers were not yet: aware they had been "stung."
Note that, in 2007, Bloomberg's own website (citing an October, 2007 article in Guns Magazine) states that he has agreed to discontinue his attempts to discontinue "Future actions against Virginia Dealers".
After a stern warning from Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg agreed to abide by Virginia law in pursuing any future actions involving Virginia firearms dealers. McDonnell last week warned New York legal action could be taken if private agents continue to target Virginia gun dealers in undercover sting operations.

After July 1, a new Virginia law will make such actions a felony. In a press release, McDonnell thanked Bloomberg for agreeing to obey the law.--Courtesy NSSF
That doesn't mean, obviously, that he hasn't given up his quixotic quest to demonize firearms transactions; Bloomberg has merely gone 'national' with his campaign.

This nation finds itself in a sad state when a rich man can, literally, BUY the mayorship of the largest city in the country and use that political platform as a fulcrum to leverage his own personal political agenda.

Nothing new here, folks.

Just the latest chapter in the continuing story of one man's quest to decide what is best for you and me.

But I have to say, it kind of pisses me off. When will Mike work himself so far out-of-state that he begins to attack legitimate firearms transactions in ... Oregon?

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