Friday, May 14, 2010

Echo Burning


I've finally got rid of all the nasty commercial comments from the guy who wanted to sell me laptop batteries.

It wasn't cheap. I had to actually BUY the ECHO comment moderation software. That required me to reset my PAYPAL account password ... but at least I was able to review my payment history, always good to know.

And I blocked the user. And his IP. And flagged everything he ever sent as SPHAM (deliberately misspelled, so it wouldn't trigger your computer filter). And then I deleted all of his comments.

I suspect I may have deleted some of the comments in my history, too. Or at least, my sidebar section where I display the most recent comments no longer display.

Sorry about that. I hope I didn't lose too much. And I hope the display will begin working again, as soon as I get more comments.

There's a lesson here, and that is -- I can't start a blog and then let it sit without maintaining it.

A Geek's Lot Is Not A Happy One, to steal a line from "The Pirates of Penzance". Because I have been so involved in work, and SWMBO, I haven't been involved in other things that I love. Examples include blogging, and shooting.

I've got back into the shooting stuff by instructing the "Intro to USPSA" classes at ARPC every month (regularly, instead of 'often'), and making it a point to compete at the ARPC match every month.

But even though the two activities should -- and do -- provide material for blog articles, I haven't made time for that, either.

So I've taken the weekend for "Me Time", with a list of things to do.
The first item on the list was to reclaim my Blog, which I have just done.
The second was to pay bills.
The third was to write some of those great articles I've been thinking about.
And the fourth thing was to fix my XL650 and start using it. Failing that, I'm going to just buy a new press, and start all over. (After paying bills, I may work harder on the 650. That $1,650 price tag on the 1050 is just a little too steep for me.)

Unessential things, like housekeeping and doing dishes and laundry, may suffer from this concerted effort

But heck, I wasn't going to do that this weekend anyway.

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