Monday, February 22, 2010

Bob Lee Swagger is back! | Down Range TV

Bob Lee Swagger is back! | Down Range TV

If you don't already subscribe to DRTV, Michael Bane's (Down Range TV) blog, here's just one more reason why you should:

Michael recently featured an interview with author Stephen Hunter, announcing a new Bob Lee Swagger novel, titled "I, Sniper" (due for release on December 29, 2009 at the time of the interview, but now available from

And in case you have to ask: yes, I have already ordered the book.

The link at the top of the page will allow access to a 9 minute interview of Hunter by Bane, and it tells a lot about the characters and a little bit about the plot.

It also provides a perspective on the love/hate relationship between an author and the 'chore' of writing.

One aspect of Hunter's novels which many readers especially appreciate is his tendency to create characters which are parodies (or more affectionate versions) of actual historical characters.

In this new Bob Lee book, according to the interview, we are promised versions of
"... Joan Flanders,... Jack Strong and Mitzi Reilly...". If I understand the allusions correctly, these would be Jane Fonda, Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn, respectively.

Plus one other "comedian" whose alter-identity I have not yet discerned.

All four are fated to fall victim of the sniper/killer, who is probably not Bob Lee.

As Hunter says in the interview: "I'll leave my politics out of it ... but there's a thing in Hollywood; "if you give the people what they want, they'll stand in line to see it."

(He later says: "I kind of like that part!")

As Hunter says, he's trying to reach the degree of reader appeal which readers found in "Point of Impact" (a NY Times Best Seller) But every time he writes a new Bob Book, his readers say: "It's okay, but it's no 'Point of Impact'"

Hunter responds: "All right, I know, I get it already!

I don't want to spoil your enjoyment of the interview, so go here and watch the entire 9 minute interview.

And get ready for the NEXT Bob Book, tentatively titled "Dead Zero".


While you're waiting, DRTV also features a short video of Hunter actually shooting.

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