Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving With SWMBO - Part V

Okay, this is the last of this series.

Yesterday the Doctors decided that the problem was a combination of "Intestinal Blockage" and Diverticulitis ... the latter being the part that caused the excruciating pain. I've had it, it hurts, and don't ever let anybody tell you that you "can't remember pain".

So they've changed both the anti-biotic regimen and the pain medication. SWMBO need not wake up every hour to ask for another shot: a Vicodin lasts her for four hours.

If my experience is any measure, the pain should clear up in a few more days, but she'll be on anti-biotics for much of next week, perhaps a few more days 'tapering off'.

SWMBO expects to be released from the hospital tomorrow morning; I'll get some time off work to take her home and make sure she's comfortable.

Sorry I couldn't pass on this good news last night, but when I got home from the Hospital I had dinner and went to bed, where I slept for twelve hours.

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