Monday, August 17, 2009

(under the NHS) you are treated as a sublicant and expected to be grateful for anything you get

From The Smallest Minority
"All of these things serve to make America less American."

Daniel Hannan, conservative member of the European Parliament for Britain gives a speech at the Army-Navy club in August of this year. Worth your time:

I find so many trenchant sound-bites in this three-piece, 27-minute YouTube Trio that I find I am unable to do it justice from a simpe "Fisking" of the video.

The speaker is a self-professed "British Conservative" speaking to an audience which he apparently takes to be an audience of "American Conservatives". (The Army-Navy Club.)

Sounds reasonable to me.

These videos describe a "Brave New World" which has been a dominating factor in the 21st British Century ... if not before.

They ("The Brits") have seen a continuing decline in services from the National Health System (NHS).

We ("The Americans") are pondering the establishment of a similar National Health System.

His message?

Hey, we messed this up big-time. What makes you think you can do any better?

Good question.

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