Tuesday, June 02, 2009

'See through' swimsuits

In the words of Ella Fitzgerald: "At Last My Love Has Come Along"!

I think this is a concept whose time has come.

Kinike Swimsuits has introduced a line of swimwear made of a 'chicken-wire mesh' weave which allows sunlight to penetrate the material with little attenuation of melanoma-producing intensity. The design, unfortunately for us 'dirty old men', includes camoflauge-effecting patterns of whorls, spots and blotches which disallow the human eye from perceiving the details of the wearers' hidden charms.

I remember a cartoon from a decades-back Playboy Magazine. Two geezers lounging on a park bench, apparently in a Nudist Colony. A voluptously naked woman walks past them, one geezer turns to the other and says: "I bet she's a knockout in a swim suit".

Perhaps you had to see the actual cartoon to get the joke.

Still, you can go to the Kiniki website as I did to form your own impression.

While you're there, you can dig out the "X-Ray Vision" glasses you bought from that comic book 30 years ago and see if they work any better now than they did then.

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