Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fire Sale

I'm tired of struggling with my reloading press.

I've fought it for months, and the alternative is just not working for me. When it takes me longer to load up enough ammunition for a match that it takes to shoot the match, it verges on more effort than it is worth.

Anybody want to buy a slightly used progressive loading press? Dies and turret assemblies set up for 10mm/.40S&W, .38 super/9x19, and .45ACP. I also have dies for .38 Special, plus an entire turret assembly to go with it (including powder measure). Make an offer.

I don't want to reload any more. The last time I tried it, I tore up my hands ... just when I thought I was past the whole eczema thing. Every time I handle a pistol or try to reload, it just aggravates the condition. A week ago, my hands looked fine. After reloading a lousy 200 rounds, my hands look worse than ever.

Don't need the pistols, either. I have several appropriate for USPSA competition ... write for details and be prepared to make me an offer.

Since I won't be competing in Practical Pistol any more, I won't need this BLOG. I'm shutting it down. This is the last post ... you won't have Jerry The Geek to kick around any more.

Speaking of which, since I won't be competing and I won't be blogging, I won't have my old friends any more. So I won't need this computer -- I won't be getting email. It's probably infected by the Conficter worm anyway. Make me an offer?

Won't need those two Digital Cameras, either. I started the blog, and took the pictures, to illustrate Practical Pistol and Rifle competition, where you won't see me again. Besides, I've lost my Server Host and all the stills and videos from years gone by. One camera is 7MB and one is 10MB density, both are pocket-size Hewlett-Packards with video capability: make me an offer.

Write to me at The Usual Email Address. But write soon ... when I sell the computer, I'll hold a garage sale to get rid of the furniture, move to San Francisco and change my registration from Republican to Democrat so I can vote for Barack Hussein Obama's Second, Third and Fourth term as Dear Leader!

Life's easier, when you're a sheeple.

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