Sunday, February 01, 2009

Oops! Typo! My Bad

'Human error' shuts down Google - Times Online

THE world’s biggest internet search engine temporarily shut down today, leaving hundreds of millions of surfers stranded in cyberspace.

Google broke down for forty minutes this afternoon, paralysing everything from internet-dating to people checking out the latest news.

Anyone searching for a site using Google was blocked with the warning: “This site may harm your computer.” The problem started at 3.30pm.

As fear spread across the internet that hackers would bring the mighty search engine down and cause millions of pounds in damage, it emerged that the entire search engine was crashed by a rogue “/”.

I, of course, as a CoOmputer Prefessional, have never done anything like this.

Boy, I'm glad I don't work for Google. This stuff happens all the time. Usually, it's caught in User Testing before it goes into Production. But occasionally the press of business requires that 'minor changes' be pushed into production without at least two levels of testing.

Boy, it must be tough having the Eyes of the World watching your every keystroke!

For the poor schmuck wh\o made this single-keystroke error ... man, it sucks to be you!

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