Friday, July 25, 2008

"Ghost Rider" Motorcycle?

I received an email from SWMBO yesterday which included images of a motorcycle of a most unusual design.

It reminded me of the Ghost Rider, which was a big Summer Movie for Nicholas Cage last year (2007).

True, the images would be frightening if you saw this custom motorcycle in your rear view mirror while driving down the freeway.

But it's obvious that the motorcycle is a 'Concept Vehicle', and will never be ridden on the road.

In the first place, the exhaust pipes are sited just in front of the rider's right leg. Can you imagine riding down the road with the pipes melting your chaps, and the exhaust slowly roasting your lungs?

Also, there's no chain on the chain-drive. Pretty hard to be 'riding down the highway, looking for adventure' without a chain.

Finally, there are a few 'Street Legal' requirements which have been omitted from the design.

Example: headlights, tail-lights, fenders. And the gas tank (under the 'rib cage'?) looks like it would hold about a quart of gas.

Still, it's an awesome creation, and you can't help admiring the artist for his creation. If those bones are made out of metal, someone is is a magician with a cutting torch.

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