Sunday, June 08, 2008

ARPC: - A Safe Place to Shoot

A recent (June 5, 2008) article in the Albany Democrat-Herald gives the Albany Rifle Pistol Club credit for providing Oregon residents with a Safe Place to Shoot.

Albany Democrat Herald 2008
(Image courtesy Albany Democrat Herald)
The reporter, Les Gehrett, notes:

Finding a place for target practice didn’t use to be that difficult in Oregon.

That’s no longer the case as an increasing number of public and private property owners no longer welcome the practice, leaving many marksmen nowhere to go.

The shortage of options is driving more and more people to join organizations such as the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club

The club added about 250 members over the past year, bringing its total membership to almost 1,300.

“With the difficulty of going up in the woods and finding a place to shoot, and the high price of gas, our membership is growing,” said club president Steve Shippey. “A lot of people are just wanting a nice, close place to shoot, and we offer that.”
To meet this increasing demand for safe, legal shooting venues, the Albany, Oregon club has asked for a change in its conditional use permit to allow for expansion of range facilities, to include improvements on existing bays on the East side of the range and development of an archery-only area.

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