Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 USPSA Area 1 Championship - HOME

2008 USPSA Area 1 Championship - HOME

I've been remiss in my self-assigned duty to keep you informed on such issues relating to such competition shooting issues as I consider important.

The Area 1 championship is important, if only because the match venue is 'close to me'. That is, it's not inconvenient (if expensive) for me to drive to a match, compete, and return home in the same day.

The link above provides all information necessary to register for the match. Unfortunately, as the match begins in 13 hours, it's probably too late for me to attempt convincing you to participate.

Besides, the match actually began today (Thursday, June 26, 2008) with the Range Officer portion of the match. Not that 'competitors' (paying participants) were scheduled to shoot today; only "Staff" were permitted to shoot, unless special circumstances convinced the match administration to allow someone who was not a match volunteer to shoot this early.


The weather today was almost perfect for USPSA competition. The skies were overcast in the morning, with the cloud cover breaking up in the afternoon with a resultant ambient temperature in the mid-70's.

Friday, however, the weatherman predicts a sunny day with temperatures in the low- to mid-80's. Note that the host range, TCGC, is sited in what is essentially a gravel quarry. The flat area is surfaced in large gravel, which holds and reflects the heat of the sun.

Saturday will be Mostly Sunny, with temperatures reaching 95 degrees.

Sunday will be Partly Cloudy, with temperatures in the low nineties. In fact, an "Extreme Weather Alert" has been issued by the National Weather Service for the area this weekend.

What this means is that, if you will be at this match, you should dress lightly, apply sunblock lotion (and re-apply it during the day), stay in the shade, and hydrate!

By the way, there is essentially NO shade at the TCGC. Wear a hat and dark glasses, avoid he sun however possible (long sleeve shirts and wearing pants instead of shorts will avoid sun damage, but will probably feel too warm to you), and bring a lot of water ... preferably, ice-water.

I had chosen not to compete at this match before the Extreme Weather Alert was announced, for reasons not related to the weather.

However, I will be there on Saturday, at least. I'll be taking pictures, talking to people, with the intention of writing an article for the Front Sight magazine.

I am sure that the match hosts will be providing free water for anyone who is so unwise as to not bring enough. I'll also have some extra water, at least on Saturday (I may not attend on Sunday), so if you see me wandering around with camera and notepad, say hello. I will try to have enough cold water and ice to share, although you may have to walk to my Black Ford Explorer to get it (large blue cooler, white top ... help yourself!)

As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus use to say on "Hill Street Blues", "... be careful out there!"

Have fun, and good luck.

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