Monday, March 03, 2008

How about the shotgun?

When I discussed the new self-defense firearms I recently purchased, I declined to mention that I decided to leave the Taurus 85 at Chez SWMO with the admonition that this was not a "keep it in the gun safe" gun. Inasmuch as I spend a significant amount of time there, I desired to have a home defense weapon readily available; if SWMBO realizes a short-term need for a home defense weapon, she has permission to use the 85.

Musing upon the conundrum, she suggested: "How about the shotgun?" (referring to the 590 purchase from 2007).

I agree that this is the more effective home-defense firearm. However, SWMBO has little experience with the shotgun, and has much experience with a double-action revolver. I feel more comfortable with the revolver as her 'go-to' gun; less with her reliance on the shotgun.

My theory is that an individual is safer with a firearms with which one is familiar, although admittedly less objectively effective. Thus, my encouragement of the revolver ... for the moment.

However, if this makes her feel more confident at home I'll be working with her to spend some quality Range Time with the Mossberg in the immediate future, with the goal of complete weapons familiarization.

Perhaps we could take a few weekends attending "Practical Shotgun" competitions, in order to build confidence and effect weapon familiarization.

There is no downside, except perhaps for the hypothetical 'goblin'.

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