Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snakes In A Drain

From the Hobo Brasser:

Welcome to West Texas

This was filmed by Michael Locker with Buckeye on his quail lease south of the airport in Midland.
This was taken in a pump station on the Pembrook lease. They had planned to have lunch inside so they thought it might be a good idea to sorta "clean the place up." Guess it was a good thing they checked it out !!!!

Now you know as much about it as I do.

In keeping with the firearms theme of this blog, I note that there WERE firearms on site ... and knives, too! But (as noted in the video, see below) "No snakes were harmed in the making of this movie".
I've got a lot of screenshots from this video, but I'll limit myself to one two three.

However, you can look at this video all you want, and the full-size version is available as a 5.2MB download here.

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