Sunday, January 27, 2008

An abuse victim takes the cops to court

The Real Gun Guys: An abuse victim takes the cops to court

The Real Gun Guys link to a shocking story of a Restraining Order which, despite repeated violations, threats, and assaults, was never enforced ... by a police department which was 'just across the street'.

Yes, the Lautenberg Amendment prevents (or more accurately, forbids) 'domestic abuse' perpetrators from owning a firearm. But as this story so dramatically shows, a firearms is not necessarily needed by an abuser to continue a program of attacks on those who were formerly considered "loved ones".

Yes, the police have historically been exonerated from legal obligations "To Protect, and to Serve".

Because of this specific case, that legal precedent may be reviewed. Hopefully, it will be overturned.

I understand that Law Enforcement Officers have an almost insurmountable workload, but when they can look out the front door of their police station to watch a Domestic Abuser digging the graves for his ex-wife and her children, and do nothing about it, it's obviously time to review these priorities.

Hopefully, before another throat is cut with a piece of broken glass.

Hopefully ... but not likely.

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