Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November Blogmeat: Part Something-or-other

I've tried to limit the "Blogmeat" posts, because I prefer to provide original content. But I've been blogging much less lately because of the holidays, and most of the following wouldn't usually ordinarily generate a separate article.

But as I follow links from the websites listed on my sidebar, I continue to find links to sites which offer "something you should know". So I'll put aside my 'creative preferences' and give you a look at the sources and articles which I find interesting.

You'll probably find something of value to you, too.

From Syd's Snubnose:
Concealed Carry Laws in the United States: See CarryConcealed.net

"Walk into a gun show, and you find yourself in a "Weapons SuperStore."

BuckeyeFirearms.com demonstrates the perfidy of Television News Reporters who invite a RKBA blogger to an interview, then chop a 30-minute interview to a few Bowdlerized quotes which misconstrue his statements. (See the embedded link to see the video this reporter produced ... offering the "Brady Bunch" concept of the "Gun Show Loophole".)

Remember Shirley Katz? (Previous Geek Link here.)
Conservative Scalawag includes a link to "The Rest of The Story" from "Editor and Publisher."
NEW YORK The Mail Tribune in Medford, Ore., filed suit Oct. 12 against Sheriff Mike Winters to obtain a list of Jackson County's approximately 6,500 holders of concealed handgun licenses. The paper is trying to learn how many teachers hold such licenses.
We've argued against this in 2005, and again in 2006. Now it's 2007, and it doesn't seem as if the Media has learned to be responsible about preserving the privacy of firearms owners.

Carpetbloggers includes a link to a follow-up of the Rush Limbaugh/U.S. Congress "Phony Soldiers" kerfluffle.

We took exception to our own Senator Ron Weyden (D-OR) having signed the Reid Letter From Heck, and demanded an explanation of his willing distraction from his Real Job of leading the Nation. Weyden took his time replying with a self-serving justification, which failed completely to explain why he didn't bother to learn the facts before affixing his John Hancock to the perfidious publication.

We could have accused Weyden of being "Two Faced", but that would have opened the door for him to retreat behind the "Lincoln Defense".

Lincoln, when accused of being "Two Faced", famously said:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I leave it to the audience. If I had two faces, would I be wearing this one?"

From the Annals of Sondra K, a gorgeous photo of a highly engraved 'machine pistol' (and link to the H&K description of the
MP5K) which I cannot view without wondering ... where can I find a holster which would allow me to use this in IPSC competition. Perhaps a Ghost Holster? Nawwww ...


And finally, just to maintain the IPSC and VIDEO related content of this blog, "Henning Shoots Guns" has a nice page on the USPSA Area 2 match at the 20th Annual Rio Salado Desert Classic featuring (among other exciting videos) this film of Local Hero (in Oregon/Washington especially) Yong Lee on Stage 7.

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