Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Red's Gun Shop: Not Threatening to ATF agents

Gun-shop owner gets 'breath of fresh air'

Here's another story in the continuing saga of Red's Gun Shop (Idaho) and the ATF.

You may recall that last week I included the then-latest word on the six-year battle royale in "Gun Control Is Bursting Out All Over". (Look under the sub-heading: "Idaho")

At that time Red's was being audited (3 ATF agents reviewing 2-1/2 week's records vs the previous audit, one agent reviewing 5 years worth of records).

One of his 'supporters' showed up at the shop during the audit and began filming the ATF agents. Shortly after, they left precipitously. Not long after that, Red's manager Ryan Horsley, who had never tried to hide that he was blogging about the ATF audits, was informed that.

... the agency went to court with a report that its inspectors "suspended" their work at the store recently because of the "threat to the inspectors' safety created by Ryan Horsley, the Manager at Red's.

This week,
Federal authorities have agreed to tell a judge in Idaho that the "threat" from a gun-shop manager they had complained of probably wasn't anything significant ...

The implications of this admission is that the ATF, whose agents are exceedingly bold when they're auditing the records of a store, reveal themselves to be physical cowards when they are threatened by nothing more than an attempt to video-record their machincations.

The infractions for which ATF was prepared to shut down a small business are reportedly no more important than abbreviating the name of a town in the small blanks available on forms used to record data of firearms purchasers. It comes as no surprise to most of us that minimal confrontation causes them to run like cockroaches when the kitchen light comes on.

And what happened to the videos?

I don't know. I can't find them on Manager Horsley's blog.

But I find a lot of other interesting 'stuff' there, and you might, too.

In the meantime, here's Horsley's video statement:

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