Thursday, March 08, 2007

Guest Comments

Because of the excellence of the First Guest Comment by Stan Penkala, I am opening this Blog to guest comments from USPSA/IPSC members who would like to present their thoughts and opinons in an extended format, as a Guest Blogger.

How to Guest Blog:
  1. Write your article as an MS-WORD document.
  2. You may include illustrations (jpg, bmp, etc.) or videos (mpg, wmv, YouTube URLs, etc)
  3. Send the document and illustrations as attachments to an Email sent to me, at the address provided at the bottom of this page ... the 'tailgate' address.
  4. I reserve the right to edit your article, or to reject it if it seems inappropriate based on content, subject, or any other criteria which seems reasonable to me.
  5. Be sure to let me know how you would like to be identified as the author. Your full name, your first name, your screen name ... all are acceptable. I will probably not include any other personal identification, except perhaps to establish your bona fides (eg: IPSC List member, USPSA member, etc.)

Restrictions (The Fine Print):
The subject should be restricted to USPSA/IPSC Competition, RKBA-related, or other shooting-sports topics. Depending on circumstances and content, I may make exceptions according to whim or whether I have had a good day at the office.

I reserve the right to reject any contribution without explanation.

Videos (such as may be hosted on YouTube) may be submitted. If you have a video which has not been hosted on the internet, I may host it for you under my subscription name of Jerry the Geek.

I retain full copyrights and also the right to edit the text/image/ video as and when I wish ... any content posted by me to the Internet becomes my personal property for whatever usage I choose. By submitting either text content or image/video content, you have agreed to relinquish any rights to that content.

This is intended to protect me from any consequences of your second thoughts, not to deprive you of your authorship. If you are not the sole owner of original content, please do not submit either unattributed text or images/video for inclusion here.

If I don't know you, if I can't confirm your identity as a legitimate contributor, if I doubt your authenticity or the authenticity of your contribution, or for any other reason I may choose not to post your article.

Commercial advertisements, or any articles which seem to be submitted for the purpose (however secondary) of advancing a product or service for profit MAY be rejected without comment. Exceptions may occur when the proferrer is known to me and when I am convinced that inclusion performs a public service, but that decision will be based on my personal experience and will be entirely arbitrary.

My apologies for these restrictions. I have no wish to become involved in legal battles as a result of my invitation to provide a forum for your contribution.

My intention is to expand the discussion of IPSC/USPSA/RKBA issues by including contributions from other authors. I hope to receive many contributions, but I don't expect it. In the unlikely event that more contributions are received than I can reasonably be expected to post, I may (reluctantly) fail to include your article, or delay publication until time and innui permit.

Having said that, I strongly encourage you to send me your articles. If what you have to say may be more appropriately included in the regular 'comments' section, I will cut and paste it there (probably with attribution) instead of creating a new article. I may also include more than one contribution in a single article, if that seems appropriate.

Long "Geek Length" articles are not likely to be rejected purely on the basis of word-count.

Anything else would be hypocritical.

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