Monday, January 08, 2007

Benelli TV Commercial: Same Time Tomorrow

The Shooting Wire is one of my favorite email subscriptions. They send me information I don't see anywhere else.

Today's issue featured an article about a television commercial for Benelli Shotguns:
Accokeek, Maryland— After just one month of airing, Benelli's new 30-second commercial spot called, Same Time Tomorrow, created by Benelli's in-house marketing department was nominated for The Outdoor Channel's prestigious Golden Moose Award for the Best Commercial for 2006. Currently appearing on The Outdoor Channel, the highly entertaining 30-second spot also runs on Versus; ESPN 2; The Sportsmen Channel and The Men's Channel.

The spot features America's favorite exhibition shooters, Tom Knapp and Tim Bradley, using their Benelli shotguns to break multiple clay targets in every way imaginable—many of the shots seemingly impossible. One of the most dramatic scenes shows Knapp tossing a handful of clay targets at a jib-mounted camera and breaking them one at a time as they fly toward the camera lens.

This naturally piqued my interest, so I went searching YouTube to see if anyone had posted the commercial. I wanted to see it, and since my television is connected to nothing more 'networky' than a DVD/VHS player there's no hope of seeing it anywhere else.

My luck was good. Someone posted it right after Thanksgiving, 2006, and it has already been viewed over 5400 times.

For your convenience and amazement (and so I could go back and re-watch it easily), I've also included it in this post.


(Note that this is the three-minute "full" version of the video. You can see the award-winning 30-second tv advertisement here.)

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