Monday, September 18, 2006

Proud Grandfather

You'll have to bear with me for a bit here.

I've just become a grandfather for the fifth time.

My daughter, Jennifer, just gave birth to her second child, Jack.

(Son Ben has three children: Lizzie, Connor and Jacob.)

I don't yet have pictures of the new grandchild, and maybe I can resist the impulse to display them here ... newborns yield photos which are only of interest to the immediate family.

But I do have pictures of Jennifer, and her 'little brother' Ben.

Jennifier and Benjamin were born on the same day (July 30), two years apart. So, for her second birthday, Jennifer received a brother.

She wasn't sure what to do about that, at first.

Eventually, she figured it out.

They've been each other's "Best Friend" ever since.

When they each found someone to marry, they have provided me with a steady stream of grandchildren.

This is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate, so please join me now as I welcome little Jack.

Now we can only hope that his Big Sister, Samantha, appreciates him as much as her mother did HER brother.

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