Friday, March 17, 2006

Russian Practical Shooting: T64 & BMP40

Russian Spetsnaz.Russian martial arts. Spetsnaz - Russian System Training. Systema. /Army training

So, you like to shoot "Major Power", eh?

Here's a place where you can learn to shoot the main gun of a Russian Tank, and also the cannon on a BMP40 (vaguely similar to a Bradley Fighting Vehicle).

The Ukraine!

Price is a low low $999.99 - each - for groups of five or more. If you form your own group, everybody gets a 10% discount.

Apparently, this doesn't include travel to The Ukraine, but you get some GREAT gifts!

After the training you will have Russian special force uniform, certificates, photos and a special tank driver's helmet as a present.

Their service also includes:
  • Preparation of target objects and field
  • leasing of stands
  • leasing of weapon emplace
  • leasing of training field for the whole delegation
  • Lunch .Including Russin [sic] caviar, Russian vodka etc.
  • Transfer to/from the military base
  • Instructors and interpreters services

  • They'll take PayPal (with prior arrangement) and the course is scheduled ... whenever you can get there, apparently.

    Wire Paladin, San Francisco.

    No, I'm kidding about that. here's the real contact information:
    Tel: +38-067-2574311
    Tel: +38-050-3315028
    Tel: +38-044-5361237
    Tel/Fax: +38-044-536125

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

    They also let you shoot a magazine each from a handful of handguns, plus a couple of magazines (or several rounds) from some 'long guns', to include the AK-74, the RPK-74, the classic PKM, and ten rounds each from an SKS and an SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle.)

    Looking for something more ... 'middle of the road-ish'?

    Launch a couple of RPG-7 rounds down-range after lunch.
    It helps to settle the caviar.

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