Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Running Gun IPSC - Pics and Movies

Running Gun IPSC - Pics and Movies

You may have noticed, if you're a regular reader, that I spend a lot of time shooting IPSC matches, photographing them, making videos of IPSC matches and posting them on the internet.

Most of the videos I film never make it to the internet. That which does, is most often made available through Jerry the Geek's Video Shooting Gallery. I have what I consider a good album of IPSC type competition footage.

Tonight I was reviewing my blog statistics, mostly looking at what people were searching for when they hit on my blog. I found a page where someone was looking for IPSC Videos, and found another site that looked promising.

I wasn't even on the first page. But number one on the first page was

(UPDATE: March 31, 2006)
(This website is UP again! Click on the banner to access it.)

As near as I can tell, this is a gun club in Ontario, California. I don't know who runs it, and I hope someone can give me some background on the club and the man.

All I can say is, this defines IPSC video. Great hoser-cam photography (I see the fine hand of Nolan Smythe in this), incredible editing, multi-cam technology, world-class shooters and in-your-face 3-gun match stages combine to make this a product far beyond anything I'm able to produce.

If you have a high-speed internet connection, or a lot of time to spare, click on the club logo above and take a look at the "Pics and Movies" segment which prominently features a
" ... 5 minute video (which was) was put together by Mike Pellisier, Ron Filho, and Jojo Vidanes. Starring are Mike P., Ron F., Jojo V., Mike Voigt (El Prez), Ralph Arredondo, and Debbie Keehart-Ross. It was filmed at the Raahauge range during one of our weekly IPSC matches."
I watched this 'main' segment, and was entranced. This is the best live-action IPSC-type video photography I've ever seen.

If you go to the website and scroll down a bit, you'll see individual stages professionally filmed with some (lame!) narration. If you're not weeping because there aren't enough videos to keep you glued to your seat for more than a half-hour, you have no heart.

Of course, they don't have it mixed with appropriate music, which is the only criticism I can offer.

Click on the link, sit down, shut up, hold on.

And if you really need music, play THIS while you're watching the videos.


There are some other worthwhile things to see on this search-page.

Team Darkside's videos are shot from too far away, and you can't really see what's happening. Besides, there is no sound.

However, I do recommend you go to the "The High Road" forum's video segment. Among the videos featured there you can find Travis Tomasie's "Perfect Reload" video.

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